Integrated Marketing Strategy

Focus, with Flexibility

In a constant interrupt world, it’s easy to lose focus on the big picture – but the long game still matters. Every communications program needs to support business goals, and that requires a strategy.

At the same time, market conditions can change fast. Communications teams sometimes need to react quickly to capitalize on unexpected opportunities or defend their existing market position. W2 Communications always takes a strategic approach with a long-term view, while staying flexible to help you meet demands of the moment.

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Omnichannel Marketing Environment

W2 Communications is a full service integrated marketing agency. We apply a full complement of communications methodologies to support different stages of your customers’ journey.

Strategy and messaging should always be informed by direct feedback from your priority audiences. Upfront research will help you set the right direction. Early on in execution, customer intent and messaging affinity are low, so our focus is on awareness and providing the most effective lift for your brand.

As customers become more acquainted and prepared to buy, we adjust methods to keep driving customers deeper into the funnel. Data-driven insights gleaned from SEO, digital marketing and PR trends let you know when tactical campaigns should be modified to maximize ROI. Continually optimizing performance also helps you deliver more valuable and effective content.

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Your Marketing & Communications Partner

You need a brand development agency who can support your full stack of integrated marketing communications to ensure you are effectively targeting your customers not only by who they are and where they are consuming their media, but most importantly what and why they are seeking at which phase of their journey.

A full service partner is far more cost-effective and efficient than assembling a series of agencies. It also streamlines consistent communication across stakeholders, partners and agencies.

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Services Offered

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Customer Journey Mapping

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Funnel Modeling

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Custom Dashboards

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Lead Gen Roadmaps

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Persona Development

Benefits to our clients:

  • Delivers more valuable and effective content by utilizing big data-driven insights gleaned from SEO, digital marketing and PR trends (i.e., metrics and analytics from the ToFu conversion path re-inform subsequent initiatives in a full 360-degree feedback loop)
  • Ensures strategic methodologies and tactical campaigns can be modified in real-time to maximize ROI by continually optimizing performance
  • Is more cost-effective than assembling a series of agencies due to process efficiencies
  • Is more agile due to avoidance of communications lags through design and copywriting revision cycles
  • Is less cumbersome than coordinating communications across stakeholders, partners and agencies
  • Is more focused due to a cohesive vision and strategy
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