Previewing the Heat of Black Hat USA

On August 3-8 the Black Hat USA conference will return to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, dominating what is always a stimulating week of cybersecurity news cycles.  Black Hat is another one of the cybersecurity community’s must-attend conferences, but no two shows are alike. Unlike RSA Conference, which follows the cruise ship approach of offering […]

The Questions That Every Content “Report Card” Must Answer

We all love report cards, don’t we? Well, OK, there were some we received in school that we could have done without. But, in the business world, report cards – whether in the form of employee evaluations, or appraisals of projects, agreements, partnerships, vendor services etc. – measure tangible value. These routine assessments should include […]

Inside the Media Mind of Dave Bittner: Inside the CyberWire

On our 25th episode of Inside the Media Minds, we are excited to talk with Dave Bittner, Producer and Podcast Host of The CyberWire’s podcast which consists of CyberWire Daily, Hacking Humans, Research Saturday, Special Edition and CyberWire-X, and has recently reached 15 millions downloads globally!  On this week’s episode, we learn about Dave’s professional […]

Inside the Media Mind of Rob Lever: Technology’s Global Disruption

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds we hear from Rob Lever, Technology and Media Correspondent at AFP, one of the largest global news agencies in the world. Rob’s passion for journalism began during The Watergate Scandal when he began to understand the unique responsibility that journalists have in “uncovering the truth” of […]

W2 Communications, CBRE Present First Annual “Cybersecurity Impact Awards” at CYBERTACOS

Last week, W2 Communications and commercial real estate firm CBRE presented the first annual Cybersecurity Impact Awards, recognizing the top local companies for leadership and innovation within the cybersecurity industry, ranging from start-up to large-size companies. As part of CYBERTACOS– a series of networking events created to bring together the local cybersecurity and broader IT […]

Want Good Content? Make Sure It “Checks Out” as Accurate – and Trustworthy

This is the second of a two-part blog series. In a recent blog, I elaborated upon how good fact checking adds value to content marketing. At our integrated marketing agency, we spend considerable time gathering persuasive research details to support our clients’ messages – and getting these details right. Why? Because such steps elevate the […]

Yes! Accuracy – and Integrity – of Content Matters … Here’s Why

This is the first of a two-part blog series. Over the years, I’ve written extensively about the content marketing that our interactive marketing firm produces for clients. In doing so, I’ve stressed the need for superior narrative flow, research, clarity and actionable information in blogs, industry press bylines, case studies, white papers and other forms […]

What I Learned about PR by Working in Newsrooms

Before starting out as a public relations professional, I garnered experience in journalism through my college major and internships at print publications and broadcast stations. With this, I gained knowledge that has made a vital impact in my career. I worked at the Montgomery Sentinel in Montgomery County, Md., as a print and video intern, […]

Sean Sposito: RSA Edition

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, we bring you another episode recorded from the RSA Conference 2019, this time with Sean Sposito, Senior Analyst of Cybersecurity at Javelin. Sean covers the security end of financial services and spoke with us about the issues surrounding risk based authentication within this realm. Join us […]

UTM Tracking: Get More Out of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

If I were to ask you for your top three digital marketing campaigns through the first quarter of the year, would you be able to provide them?  Do you know which campaigns fell flat? Successful marketers know you need to be able to track and measure your marketing campaigns. If you’re not tracking and assessing […]