Transforming Your Social Media Presence

Strategic Social Media Tailored for the Tech World

Our suite of social media services is designed with the high-tech industry in mind. From cybersecurity to public sector innovation, we know how to speak your language on any platform.

  • Strategic Social Media Management: We plan, execute, and monitor social media campaigns that resonate with your tech-savvy audience. Our strategy is not just a check the box service. We deliver dynamic campaigns driven toward your business goals.
  • Content Creation & Amplification: Our content goes beyond engagement; it educates, informs and positions your brand as a thought leader. We aim to not just gain clicks and followers, but create communities fostered by organic conversations.
  • Executive Social Media Thought Leadership: Elevate your executives with our tailored thought leadership programs, making them the voices to be heard in the tech community. Our executives stand out from the crowd and deliver highly tailored messages that resonate with not only their business, but walk their story for authentic, social connections.
  • Data-Driven Insights & Analytics: With our finger on the pulse of social media analytics, we dissect data to refine and adjust your strategy for peak performance. Our expertise translates into actionable insights, ensuring every campaign is optimized for engagement and conversion, guiding you through the noise to find the signals that matter most.
  • Integrated Social Media Campaigns: We seamlessly integrate your social media efforts with your overall marketing strategy to ensure a cohesive brand message across all channels. This alignment amplifies your brand’s reach and engagement, effectively converting followers into loyal customers and brand advocates.

Proven Performance

Strategic Organic Social Media

  • Start Up Cybersecurity Company (12 month growth)
    • Engagement Rate: +88.2%
    • Followers: +1,150%
    • Click Rate: +66.3%
  • Corporate Small-Market Tech Company (9 month growth)
    • Engagement Rate: +659.4%
    • Followers: +87.1%
    • Click Rate: +378.3%
  • Open Source Network Security Company (6 month growth)
    • Followers: +67.3%
    • Click Rate: +100%
w2 communications social media cyber security pr public relations

Executive Social Media Thought Leadership

  • Cyber Executive at a Fortune 500 Company (12 month growth)
    • Engagement Rate: +417%
    • Followers: +54.5%
    • External Engagement: +62%
  • Cyber Leadership Team (6 month growth)
    • Average 40% of external engagement per social post
    • Average 140% QoQ increase in impressions across team
    • Overall 10% growth in following across team
w2 communications social media cyber security pr public relations

Case Studies

World Wide Technology (WWT)