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Brief Overview

Leading provider of mobile satellite communications (SATCOM) services to the U.S. government wanted a digital marketing campaign that promoted its Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) offerings

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  • U.S. government-focused arm of UK-based SATCOM provider specifically focused on defense, intelligence, homeland security, public safety and civilian agencies
  • The company is a long-standing public relations client but wanted to explore a digital marketing campaign to promote its UAS offerings


  • W2 Communications’ public relations and content team previously worked with the client to develop a series of blogs that unpacked specific value propositions of the company’s UAS offering
  • However, the client wanted to go beyond organic blog promotion via its social media channels and generate leads that its sales team could qualify and nurture

The entire digital marketing ecosystem was completely new to us, not only in terms of its complexity and interrelations, but also its capabilities. The team at W2 helped us realize that the incremental benefits of our digital program would extend far beyond increased traffic and leads.

— Inmarsat Government

The W2 strategists worked very transparently and collaboratively with us to share both forecasts as well as results. In addition, they continually monitored the program and immediately identified opportunities for optimizations, which resulted in significantly better performance.

— Inmarsat Government


  • W2 Communications proposed a digital marketing campaign that was focused 75 percent on lead generation and 25 percent on brand awareness
  • We hosted a kick-off meeting with the client’s key internal stakeholders and clearly identified the campaign’s target audiences and personas to a granular level, including target agencies, job titles, agency locations and other specific demographics
  • The campaign leveraged a variety of unique assets that delivered fresh content to target audiences, including blogs, a whitepaper, video and infographics
  • W2 Communications was in constant communication with the client, which paved the way for immediate feedback, target refinement or adjustments, and seamless set-up and launch of new assets throughout the campaign


  • The three-month campaign garnered 20 relevant leads – all within the client’s target audience
  • Lead generation-focused campaigns garnered 343,000 impressions, 1,900 clicks, 17 leads
  • Brand awareness campaigns generated 200,000 impressions and 15,000 clicks
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