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Our digital strategy team consulted with Pondurance on a multi-channel integrated marketing lead gen campaign, comprised of a new thought leadership asset, improved website copy, paid social campaigns and PR media placements.

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Managed Detection & Response (MDR) provider Pondurance sought to maximize its Lead Gen initiatives for its Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) service, a project-based solution which has an 80% conversion rate to its retainer-based MDR services.


W2 Communications proposed a vertical DFIR integrated marketing campaign, comprised of thought leadership content development, PR, digital marketing and creative design. We worked with Pondurance executives to determine its highest customer lifetime value (CLV) targets to be 1) attorneys 2) insurance brokers 3) insurance carriers and finally 4) end-users e.g., CISOs / IT decision makers.

We were looking for a packaged solution for a very specific time-bound campaign. We wanted to clearly understand our Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) throughout the entire initiative as well ensure all leads were of the highest quality.

— Pondurance

With a clear understanding of our target audiences, the team at W2 Communications was able to produce an excellent whitepaper with crisp messaging and compelling designs addressing all three segments’ pain points. Then by leveraging this creative and copy across all of the digital promotions, visitors had a seamless experience from first touch through download.

— Pondurance


Our content team crafted a new DFIR White Paper, “Digital Forensics & Cyber Insurance” and leveraged that asset for media coverage. In parallel, our digital marketing team deployed highly focused campaigns with creative assets and pain point-specific ad copy targeting each audience based on job title, affinities and geographic region.


Pondurance saw immediate brand lift and increased website traffic due to targeted media placements and is generating high-value leads at CPLs ranging from $70 to $110.

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