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Digital Presence: The Certificate of Brand Legitimacy

Picture this: You are five years into a company that you grew from an idea and an investment, your brand is well-thought-out strategically, your printed collateral is pristine, your physical presence is established, but the inpour of clients and partners is underwhelming. Does this sound familiar? Then it’s time to determine the missing link.

If you are speaking with a prospective client, say 30 miles from where your business and likely networking opportunities are, how are they to quickly determine the legitimacy of your company?

The answer: An active digital presence.

In the on-demand society we live in today, social media, websites and video should be the foundation of your brand. The digital world, its participants and the technologies that make it possible are accelerating by the minute; to willingly refrain from participating is a business-limiting choice, and would ultimately be a mistake. If you are willing to invest the time and resources to professionally establish a digital presence, your company and brand will benefit for years to come.

Think about how much online research you perform before making almost every one of your decisions – the restaurant you were suggested; the HR, technology, or marketing investments you make; the car you are considering purchasing. Competition is likely to be fierce, and with almost every one of these decisions, you could be persuaded otherwise.

Chances are if you are unable to quickly find the information you are looking for, or what you do find is distractingly unprofessional, you’ll take a step back and question the legitimacy or maturity of the company, and realign your focus towards the other options that made an immediate and positive impact through their digital presence.

This is what happens when prospective clients, employees and partners research you and your business. That’s why having a professionally managed digital presence is crucial for all brands; it empowers your company to make a controlled and outstanding first (and subsequent) impression.

Yes, having a quality digital presence can add a time consuming component to your already hectic day. But in our present reality, it is an essential branding aspect that conveys business legitimacy, increases the scope of your audience and, consequently, boosts revenue.

As social media engagement continues to grow (with nearly 3 billion worldwide users), you have an even greater ability to be your brand’s storyteller. We live in a time where we no longer rely solely on others to tell our brand story, and most importantly in a positive light. By having a well-managed digital presence, you are in greater control of how the public perceives your brand, and you allow yourself the opportunity to counteract any negative reviews or press, which at times can be out of your control.

So, what can you do now to establish or reinvigorate your digital presence? There are a few steps:

  1. Be Actively Present – It is one thing to BE on the various platforms, but by actively asserting and maintaining your presence – actively posting content, responding to replies, etc. – you encourage an open, two-way relationship between your audience and your business.
  2. Be Consistent – As important as it is to have consistency with your company’s marketing collateral and content development, the same goes for your digital presence, which should directly reflect and tie into your established brand identity.
  3. Set Clear, Measurable Objectives – You should set short-term and long-term objectives, have an ongoing strategic plan (specific to each digital platform), and track the metrics of each of your initiatives.

We work with our clients daily to demonstrate the countless benefits of being actively present in the digital world, and we believe that being present is nearly imperative to success in the society we live in and sell to. Let your presence, your expertise and your portfolio be recognized by keeping your door to the digital world open.

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