Westward Bound! We’re Expanding to California

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) We’ve always described ourselves as a Silicon Valley-styled firm which happens to operate in the nation’s capital. But having turned 12 in June, we decided to push forward with a new phase of growth – one that would establish a physical presence in California to take […]

3 Tips to Ensure Conference Success

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) Industry conferences and events play a critical role in any public relations strategy. At our high-tech PR agency, our clients attend a variety of trade shows throughout the year, from RSA to Black Hat to the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit. After more than a […]

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Ask “Why” to Connect Content to Audience

In content marketing, it’s critical to make a meaningful connection to the target audience. But it’s not an easy task: Potential customers and partners are perpetually busy. There’s plenty of content out there competing for their time. If you don’t offer something that’s instantly compelling, they’re going to swiftly dismiss you and move on to […]

4 Big Changes for RSA

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) Like some of you reading this, I’m building on a lot of great conversations, networking and momentum coming out of this year’s RSA Conference – the cybersecurity industry’s preeminent “see and be seen” conference. After 16 years in technology-focused public relations, mostly within the security realm, […]

How “the Right Voice” Drives Good Content

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) In my most recent blog, I presented findings from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) which convey the extent of challenges tech companies face in trying to produce content: The vast majority do not feel their organizations are effective at content marketing, according to CMI’s “2014 B2B […]

What IT Companies Must Know about Content Marketing

(This is the first of a two-part blog on effective content marketing. If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) As an occasional contributor and one-time webinar participant for the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), I’m always eager to read the organization’s research. Given that W2 Communications is a high-tech PR agency, I found the “2014 […]

What “The Godfather” Teaches Us about Business — and Content

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) Depending upon one’s perspective, they were either a group of enterprising olive-oil importers or the most notorious crime family in the history of cinema. They were the Corleones. And “lessons learned” from the three Godfather movies still convey much relevance today in the business world. After […]

Back to School: Learning Behind the Podium

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) I recently had the privilege of returning to Penn State’s College of Communications, to share experiences and insights as an alumnus from the field of public relations. As part of the college’s Hearst Visiting Professional program, I gave presentations in four classroom sessions, discussing PR research, […]

How Bad Infographics “Bury” PR Campaigns

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) When I’m in a charitable mood, I like to say that I have a “love/hate” relationship with the infographic. When I’m being less than charitable, I describe the infographic as the “Emperor’s New Clothes” of the 21st Century, a frustratingly contrived and counter-utilitarian device which has […]

New Brand … Same Client Commitment

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) What’s in a name? For our firm, a rebranding/name change that’s launching this week amounts to much more than a website makeover and new business cards. As we approached our tenth anniversary this year, we realized we were overdue for the rebranding. After all, we started […]