Westward Bound! We’re Expanding to California

Among many highlights, Colin Sanford developed and led messaging and content marketing strategies for the global launch of Google Genomics.

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We’ve always described ourselves as a Silicon Valley-styled firm which happens to operate in the nation’s capital. But having turned 12 in June, we decided to push forward with a new phase of growth – one that would establish a physical presence in California to take advantage of our well-cultivated West Coast mindset.

Why? Because while we’ve frequently worked with clients from that side of the country, we’ve never actually had an office there. To really embed ourselves into the Silicon Valley ecosystem, we needed a local, senior executive to lead the charge. At the same time, we realized we had to diversify our focus.

Up until now, we’ve served as a top option for B2B and B2G tech firms. This will continue to define our core. But we want to extend into new, complementary areas.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we’re addressing both needs – with a single hire: On Aug. 1, 2015, Colin Sanford joined W2 Communications as Vice President, West Coast Operations and Healthcare.

With two decades of experience in leading tech and consumer-facing brands, Colin most recently served as Vice President, Client Services, for Bioscribe, a life science marketing communications firm. At Bioscribe, he helped triple the agency’s size and launch innovative companies and technologies at the intersection of digital biology, big data and predictive analytics. Among other highlights: He developed and led messaging and content marketing strategies for the global launch of Google Genomics.

Colin will work out of San Francisco, meaning we’ll have a seasoned, locally based PR professional to build our presence and serve our growing roster of West Coast clients. In addition, he’ll attend regional events and expand our network there. And by officially launching our healthcare business under Colin’s leadership, we’ll provide companies in that space with the same high quality of strategic thinking which our tech clients have come to expect – and depend upon.

At our high-tech PR firm, we’ve taken pride in our ability to redefine ourselves in responding to ongoing shifts in business and IT. Our expansion in California represents only the most recent example of our willingness to invest in the promise of innovation. If this sounds like an agency you’d like to work with, then please do contact us.

Tony Welz is principal and co-founder at W2 Communications.