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Five Minutes With … Kelly Harman on Classic Career Mistakes for Women

Kelly Harmon

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You want to be a team player, but you have to take credit for the good work you do … That’s a fine balancing act. Unfortunately, too many female professionals struggle with this challenge.

Women have to get comfortable about staking claim to their valuable contributions to emerge as assertive leaders, says Kelly Harman, president of Women In Technology (WIT).

In this “Five Minutes With …” installment, Harman conveys how this trait — as well as the pursuit of networking contacts and mentors — can steer your IT career into the fast lane. Listen to our conversation on women and classic career mistakes.

About our guest: Kelly Harman is president of Women In Technology. She is also vice president of marketing at Carousel Industries and the former president/founder at Zephyr Strategy. She commands more than two decades of experience working with US and European based technology and telecom companies in the areas of business and marketing strategy and the tactical planning and execution of all aspects of sales/marketing plans.

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