Content Director Featured in Top B2B Pub

Dennis McCafferty
McCafferty: Journalist trying to transition into content marketing must speak “the language of business.”

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What are the rewards – and pitfalls – of hiring ex-journalists as content marketers? Dennis McCafferty, W2 Communications Director of Content, was recently featured in an article in a prominent website, The B2B Marketing Mentor, to share his thoughts on this topic. B2B Marketing Mentor is produced by

In the article, McCafferty indicates that marketing professionals must conduct appropriate due diligence in hiring former reporters, to ensure that they’re “more realistic than idealistic,” and can speak the “language of business.” Ultimately, McCafferty says, it’s important for a candidate to combine classic, journalistic talent along with an appreciation for brand messaging – as opposed to specializing in any one particular reporting niche.

Before joining W2 Communications in December 2010, McCafferty was a veteran reporter who worked for the USA Weekend/Today and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He has also contributed to publications such as CIO Insight, Baseline and VAR Business.


Dennis McCafferty is Director of Content for W2 Communications.