Security Buzzword Bracket Busting

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So it’s the Monday after the first weekend of the NCAA tournament and, if you filled out a bracket, you probably fall into two categories: the minority– celebrating how good your picks were; or the majority— disappointed that your selections didn’t go your way. As the experts will tell you, picking teams isn’t an exact science and the whole process can get overwhelming.

If you’re in the cybersecurity space, you probably feel the same way about the many cybersecurity buzzwords that are used by the industry on a daily basis. In fact, you probably felt that you were drowning in them – at last month’s RSA Conference, we know we did.

In the spirit of March Madness, W2 Communications created its own Security Buzzword Bracket. Every Monday throughout the tournament, we’ll be casting our votes for our favorite buzzwords.

As you see below, the W2 team selected the Buzzword Elite 8 and throughout this week we’ll be collecting votes on Twitter at @W2Comm, Facebook and Instagram on the Final Four. Follow along with the hashtag #W2SecurityBuzz.


Cybersecurity buzzwords bracket