How to Give Your Blog a Facelift

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For more than a year now, we’ve had a blast putting out the W2 Communications blog. Judging from the feedback we get from our readers – both on and offline – you’ve enjoyed it too.

As a hi tech PR agency that’s constantly in the middle of exciting industry developments, we consider this space the Web equivalent of a cool coffeehouse, where marketing/PR/communications professionals can get fresh insights from our agency’s staff on the latest trends. Naturally, we frequently focus on IT. But we’ve kept the discussion open to broader industry subjects. That’s why we’ve produced posts about gaining competitive edge, sharpening your e-communications skills and accessing both the tech and non-tech legacy of Steve Jobs.

Also, we’ve taken advantage of this blog to provide to you convenient, quick summaries of significant industry events, such as a recent Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) panel on the intersection between social media and customer service. Oh, and let’s not forget about our popular “Tech Connections: Five Minutes With …” podcasts, featuring high-profile local tech leaders like Dendy Young.

We’re also committed to ensure that this blog isn’t a thinly disguised promotional vehicle for our clients. Sure, we’ll chat up topics that impact our clients’ businesses. But we’ll more frequently address those that interest the greater PR community.

Because we’ve compiled so much compelling content so far – and plan to continue doing so for the indefinite future – we’re thrilled to unveil the new “face” of our blog: A site “makeover” that will engage you more than ever.

Here are some of the highlights of our new look:

Improved navigation. We’ve broken up our posts into categories that drive industry today: social media, technology trends, events, public relations – as well as a fifth one that highlights what’s going on with our agency.

Starting the conversation. Our blogs are known for getting people talking. So to encourage this, we’ve fully integrated our blog with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Easy on the eyes. Our upgrade presents a more sophisticated, polished look that we’re sure you’ll find more inviting.

This is hardly a finished product. We’ll constantly look to find more ways to improve the appearance – and substance – of this blog. And we’re welcome to your suggestions to, with respect to future topics, presentation and other factors that influence the user experience. So feel free to comment below or drop us a line at either of our respective email addresses below.


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