Kathy Stershic, W2 CommunicationsBy Kathy Stershic

Media Insight 2020: How Americans Are Consuming News and Who Do We Trust?

Amid all of the hype about news and disinformation that has been circling in this most unusual year, we thought we’d ask ordinary Americans what their news consumptions habits really are. In our December survey, we got insights from more than 600 people across the country about how important the news is to them, and what and whom they trust for news. Check out this infographic for highlights of our key findings – national vs. local news, how age group news consumption varies, are more or fewer news sources consulted, and how many really use and trust Facebook as a top go-to news source.

Kathy Stershic, W2 Communications

Kathy Stershic, Senior Director, Content

Kathy brings over two decades of experience working in IT research and communications. Known for her ability to bring focus and alignment to complex environments, she has worked with many IT companies in various stages of growth, from industry giants like Cisco and Oracle to midsize and start-up organizations. As a senior advisor and communicator, she works with clients to help them seek, organize and translate complex information, then persuasively convey it to the audiences they need to engage— internal, external or both. She has extensive experience working with executives, global work teams, partners and affiliates in both mature Western European economies and emerging markets.


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