Making Our Big Debut ….

Dennis McCafferty
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These are exciting times for W2 Communications: First, we unveiled our new blog “makeover.” Now, we’re officially announcing that our popular “Tech Connections: Five Minutes With …” podcast series is available on iTunes.

That’s right: You can now download directly off iTunes those brief but information-packed conversations with the very top tech leaders in greater Washington, D.C. Among other notable guests, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Harman of Women In Technology; Jeff Porro, one of the nation’s foremost speechwriters; Stan Soloway of the Professional Services Council; Gary Shapiro of the Consumer Electronics Association; and Dendy Young, one of the region’s most legendary tech titans.

Given our role and interests as a hi tech PR agency, we’ve discussed a broad range of topics, such as landing government IT contracts; managing spectrum availability; training executives to speak about breaking tech news and developments; and forecasting the merger and acquisition market.

We’re looking forward to more of these conversations for the indefinite future. Best of all: When you subscribe to “Tech Connections: Five Minutes With …,” the podcast feeds will automatically pop up in your iTunes account as they post on our website.

So to stay on top of what tech leaders are talking about – all within just five minutes of time – and subscribe today at this link. And please do suggest to us future interviews, direct to the email address below.

Dennis McCafferty is Director of Content for W2 Communications.