Is Facebook Worth It for Businesses?

If I were to sit down in 2012 to write this post, it would read quite differently. We once thought of social media as a place where people connected with friends and family to stay in touch and share common interests. Not long after that, we saw the great awakening of brands flocking to the […]

Three Critical Thinking-Inspired PR Practices for 2018 – and Beyond

In PR, we tend to focus granularly on clients to distinguish them from the crowd – “What is your story? Why is it unique and compelling?” We go into “tunnel vision” mode as we immerse ourselves into their offerings, their market and goals. In the process, however, we often lack a peripheral view which can […]

How to Earn the “Trust Factor” in Content

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) In an article earlier this year for the Content Marketing Institute, digital marketing guru Sujan Patel makes a compelling case for earning the “trust factor” in content. I strongly agree that this is an overlooked value – if your target audience doesn’t consider your content as […]

4 Ways to Conduct a Great Content Interview

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) I read many blogs and reports about content marketing, and most focus on storytelling and SEO: You want to convey a compelling narrative about your clients, and, obviously, you need people – specifically your target audience members – to find it online and read it. As […]

How to Respond to PR’s “Unexpected Storms”

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) You just landed that big media opportunity: In approximately 30 minutes, your client’s spokesperson will appear live on national television. And when you think nothing can go wrong, you get the call … Your spokesperson’s car broke down on the way to the studio. Now what? […]

Security Buzzword Bracketology: Cutting Down the Nets

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) Last night, the North Carolina Tar Heels won the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament (a.k.a. March Madness) championship. Today, W2 Communications crowns its own champion in its Security Buzzwords Bracket, ranking cybersecurity buzzwords. “Innovative,” “Disruptive,” “Strategic” and “Architecture” outlasted the competition to make the “Final […]

Security Buzzword Bracketology: The Final Rounds!

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) With Gonzaga, Oregon, North Carolina and South Carolina advancing to the Final Four in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament (a.k.a. “March Madness), W2 Communications voted this week for its Final Four in our Security Buzzword Bracket. Results are below. Next week, we’ll vote to advance […]

Three Ways to Showcase Your Clients’ Research

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) Unique research and findings serve as a critical component for many tech companies, especially those within the cybersecurity sub-sector. In fact, our cybersecurity clients often set up dedicated teams for studies, to discover and report on new network threats, industry trends, vulnerabilities and more. The subsequent, […]

Security Buzzword Bracket Busting

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) So it’s the Monday after the first weekend of the NCAA tournament and, if you filled out a bracket, you probably fall into two categories: the minority– celebrating how good your picks were; or the majority— disappointed that your selections didn’t go your way. As the […]

Four Ways to Do Your Best Work — While Working from Home

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) Today’s hyper-connected world has rendered the traditional 9 to 5 work day obsolete, while opening the door to new professional environments, including the remote office: The number of employees based at home has grown 103 percent since 2005, with at least one-fifth currently working remotely at […]