RSA Conference 2024: “The Art of Possible” is also the Art of Opportunity

This week marks one month to the start of this year’s RSA Conference. If you are getting hit with the “four weeks out panic”, we have some recommendations on what to concentrate on, and where the opportunity still lies.

A couple weeks ago, my colleague Steve Bosk posted a blog detailing the relatability of this year’s RSA Conference theme: “The Art of Possible”. With that, it was mentioned how noisy the RSA Conference can be. But vendors, journalists and communications professionals alike use the conference as an opportunity for critical discussions, brainstorms, relationship building and even on-the-record media briefings. So, what is possible when it comes to some of these conversations? 

A question that we hear every year is “how can we land media briefings that are of quality for our team?” The opportunity is there, so let’s take a look into the doors you can open:

RSAC Door #1: Thought Leadership and Key Trends – AI, election security and regulations, oh my! Every year there are a few key trends that we can expect to be the focus of discussions amongst the crowd. And as we connect with reporters, prior, during or even post-show, it is not abnormal to hear recurring trends that these individuals followed closely. Use this as an opportunity to hone in on your security experts and thought leaders, and focus on this: what unique perspectives can my organizational leaders provide? 

RSAC Door #2: Technical and Threat Insights – Similar to following key trends, reporters pay most attention to the current breach news cycles and breaking news. Do you have an expert or threat intel team that can help inform their reporting, or any recent or upcoming research that uncovers today’s threats? If so, use this as an opportunity to share your insights. 

RSAC Door #3: Product and Innovation – While yes, the conference gets noisier and busier every year, it is still expected for vendors to use the show as an opportunity to showcase their latest innovations. Instead of solely focusing on all the technical aspects of the innovation itself, paint the bigger narrative of why a solution of this caliber matters to the industry. Better yet, use this as an opportunity to show company momentum and where you are headed. 

RSAC Door #4: Are You Ready to Tell a Business story? – Speaking of momentum, do you have company growth and proven innovation worth highlighting? Reporters will want to hear about it. Evaluate how you might be contradicting or upending the industry, and use this as an opportunity to share your story, how you are leading the company and your platform approach. 

RSAC Door #5: Relationship Building – Use this as an opportunity to catch up with reporters and industry experts you work with on a regular basis, or even those who you are looking to introduce yourself to and simply to get to know each other better. Dialogues started on the ground at RSAC can have massive long term pay off when it comes to larger storytelling and opportunities down the line. Even if the conversation does not garner immediate coverage, plant the seed and position yourself as an expert resource for future opportunities. Whether it is pre-scheduled meetings, or running into each other at a networking event, building relationships goes a long way in this industry!

As we remain busy gearing up for the 2024 RSA Conference, we’ll leave you with one last bit of advice: ask the questions that make “Art of Possible” an art of opportunity.

Uncover what reporters, CISOs and other decision makers are looking to get out of the show, and you will make both of your times worthwhile. 

If you are looking for more advice and best practices, schedule a time to meet with our team over W2 Caffeinated, a mobile coffee service launching exclusively at RSAC. Let’s take 20 minutes of your day to recharge over coffee, chat about industry topics and learn more about what you are looking for. Schedule here: