Adding Your Voice to the AI Conversation

As if there was any doubt, 2023 will go down as the year Artificial Intelligence (AI) went mainstream. Virtually every consumer and every business is researching and discussing the opportunities and pitfalls. Ironically, we launched our first pure AI client about five years ago and worked with companies that were using AI and machine learning […]

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AI Will Expose Bad Public Relations

Previously, I explored the impact of AI on PR functions – where our firm is excited and where we are proceeding with caution. Beyond its usefulness as a tool, a larger conversation is brewing within the PR and marketing world: some fearing it has the potential to kill (or significantly transform) our jobs and others […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations — Opportunities and Obstacles

The debate raging among PR, corporate communications and marketing professionals mirrors the months’ long discourse taking place across just about every aspect of business – how will Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact the future of public relations, our job responsibilities, livelihoods and roles within our organizations?  For many, the answer is nowhere near clear cut – […]

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Inside the Media Mind of Steven Overly, Host of Politico Tech Podcast

As the host of the new Politico Tech podcast, Steven Overly is exploring political and policy topics through a technological lens. That mission alone lends itself to a variety of conversation focuses, including healthcare, national security, and national politics and campaigning – a particularly hot topic as we move into the heart of the 2024 […]

Top 4 Questions (and Answers!) on if Your Business Should Join Threads

Threads, Meta’s latest social media platform, has captured the curiosity of marketers and executives, leaving several with questions on if a business should join the platform. Before joining any social media platform, you should always ask: does this enhance my social media strategy or create another task that pulls attention from the successful execution of […]

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Inside the Media Mind of Becky Bracken, Editor at Dark Reading

Ahead of this year’s Black Hat conference, our host Christine Blake welcomed Becky Bracken, Editor at Dark Reading, to Inside the Media Minds. For the last 13 years, Becky has been immersed in the world of cybersecurity journalism, and has loved every minute of it. Before she started her journey in cyber journalism, she started […]

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How to Successfully – and Painlessly – Transition to Google Analytics 4

Change is inevitable, and in the world of SEO, change is constant. The most recent and significant change came on July 1 with the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  Since 2012, Google Universal Analytics has served as a go-to tool for organizations seeking to track their website and digital marketing performance. Google based the […]

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Inside the Media Mind of Justin Doubleday, Senior Reporter at Federal News Network

This week on Inside the Media Minds, our host Christine Blake was joined by fellow colleague, Jason Werden, VP of Public Sector at W2 Communications to welcome Justin Doubleday, Senior Reporter at Federal News Network. For nearly a decade, Justin has been reporting on the latest issues impacting the public sector. Before joining Federal News […]

Expert Insights on the National Cybersecurity Strategy

Since the Biden Administration released its National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS) in March, many in the technology industry – W2 Communications’ clients included – have been sharing their reactions to the strategy, as well as outlining how federal agencies can begin to implement the mandates it set forth.   At the recent Cyber Central event in […]

20 Years of Storytelling

On May 5, 2003, we launched Welz & Weisel Communications – now known as W2 Communications – with three clients: Netifice, ZyLab and Sourcefire. At that time we were a traditional public relations firm providing media and analyst relations, content and messaging support. Fast forward 20 years, and today we have grown into a full-service […]