Top 4 Questions (and Answers!) on if Your Business Should Join Threads

Threads, Meta’s latest social media platform, has captured the curiosity of marketers and executives, leaving several with questions on if a business should join the platform. Before joining any social media platform, you should always ask: does this enhance my social media strategy or create another task that pulls attention from the successful execution of my social media strategy? As Threads saw a huge spike in user downloads within the hours and days after its launch, we understand the urgency you may be feeling.

As an agency, we had additional motivations to join Threads. Specifically, we joined it to better understand its capabilities from a user perspective, so that we could counsel our clients on whether (or not) to engage. We’ve found the only way to provide dependable strategic advice is with hands-on experience.

And so, below are our answers to the top four questions our clients are asking to help guide your social media strategy through the use of Threads:

  1. Should My Business Join Threads?
    Threads boasts a significant advantage for businesses with an established presence on Instagram. Its tight integration with Instagram allows seamless account sign-in and immediate access to your existing Instagram following. The best part? Through this smooth transition, businesses can hit the ground running with an engaged community right from the start and not worry about someone “stealing” their name as it is directly tied to an established Instagram account.
  2. What Tools and Analytics Capabilities Does Threads Offer?
    As a relatively new platform, Threads currently offers limited management tools and analytics compared to established social media platforms. The Threads mobile app drives its functionality, with the introduction of a web version coming in the very near future, and detailed metrics are for the most part non-existent. While plans have been announced to eventually roll out a more robust metric database, it’s essential to weigh these limitations against your organization’s need for advanced content management and comprehensive performance tracking.
  3. Can I Advertise on Threads?
    Currently, Threads does not support advertising. While this approach promotes a more organic, user-friendly experience, businesses looking to reach a broader audience through paid advertising will have to use other outlets for these endeavors in the near term. However, keep an eye on Meta’s updates, as they are likely to introduce advertising capabilities in the near future.
  4. What is the Long-Term Viability of Threads?
    As with any emerging platform, the long-term viability of Threads is a major consideration. While it has seen substantial initial success, the real test lies in its continued growth and user engagement. As most can guess, marketers are monitoring user feedback, engagement and industry trends closely to assess its potential as a mainstream social media network.

So, Should Your Business Join Threads?

The decision to embrace Threads depends on your unique business objectives, social media landscape and target audience. For businesses with thriving Instagram accounts seeking additional engagement avenues, Threads holds promising potential. If your business has yet to establish itself on Instagram or still growing on alternative social media platforms, keeping a watchful eye on the platform’s development before fully committing may align more with your short-term objections with a long-term plan of establishing a Threads presence.

The biggest takeaway? Remember to not jump too soon just for the sake of jumping. Not all social media platforms are created equal and not all social media platforms are designed for your target audience.

At W2 Communications, we help our clients tell their stories by developing and executing their social media strategies that help them reach their goals. Want to learn more? Contact our team today!