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Sean Sposito: RSA Edition

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, we bring you another episode recorded from the RSA Conference 2019, this time with Sean Sposito, Senior Analyst of Cybersecurity at Javelin.

Sean covers the security end of financial services and spoke with us about the issues surrounding risk based authentication within this realm. Join us in learning his perspective on the RSA Conference and how privacy is still a major theme. We also hear his insight on the evolution of banks and their attitude on trust.

Tune in to hear Sean’s thoughts on:

  • The coverstations at RSA that had him most excited
  • His predictions of major 2019 headlines
  • The evolution of CYBERTACOS 🙂

For more of Sean Sposito’s inside scoop of RSA 2019, listen below and tweet us @MediaMindsShow to share your thoughts on the episode.

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