Inside the Media Mind of Rob Lever: Technology’s Global Disruption

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds we hear from Rob Lever, Technology and Media Correspondent at AFP, one of the largest global news agencies in the world. Rob’s passion for journalism began during The Watergate Scandal when he began to understand the unique responsibility that journalists have in “uncovering the truth” of […]

Sean Sposito: RSA Edition

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, we bring you another episode recorded from the RSA Conference 2019, this time with Sean Sposito, Senior Analyst of Cybersecurity at Javelin. Sean covers the security end of financial services and spoke with us about the issues surrounding risk based authentication within this realm. Join us […]

Inside the Media Minds of Ericka Chickowski: RSA Edition

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, we bring you another episode recorded from the RSA Conference 2019, this time with freelance journalist, Ericka Chickowski. Ericka has written for a long list of high visibility technology publications, including Dark Reading, Security Boulevard, TechBeacon and Most recently, Ericka launched which focuses on […]

Inside the Media Minds of Jeff Stone: RSA Edition

At the RSA Conference 2019, we met up with Jeff Stone, Associate Editor of CyberScoop, to get his perspective on the week’s buzz. According to Jeff, in the tech industry, there is always something to write about and covering this industry is like being part of a “strange developing world,” filled with the thrilling topics […]

Inside the Media Mind of Sean Kerner: RSA Edition

Halfway through the 2019 RSA Conference (with its biggest turnout yet!), we were fortunate to meet up with Sean Kerner, Senior Editor of eWEEK and contributor to several leading IT business publications. A lifelong technology devotee, Sean became immersed in the professional tech world in the 90s, leading him to write about his technology interests, […]

Inside the Media Mind of Karen Epper Hoffman: The Evolution of Technology

It was in the early ‘90s when Karen Epper Hoffman, a new graduate of New York University, found herself immersed into the world of technology, a topic that has enthralled her ever since the start of her career at American Banker. In this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, Karen joins us to discuss […]

Inside the Media Mind of Ross Wilkers: Working at the Intersection of Tech and Government

Growing up in Northern Virginia, Ross Wilkers has always been surrounded by politics — sparking an early interest in journalism and setting the foundation for his career. Today, as a Senior Staff Writer at Washington Technology, Ross combines his knowledge of the life around the Beltway and interest in the role that the government service […]

Inside the Media Mind of Fahmida Rashid: Security “for the People”

Technology has become pervasive in our daily lives — from mobile devices down to hot water heaters — and, as a result, security is impacting individual consumers in ways we never could have imagined. As the Senior Managing Editor at Decipher Magazine, Fahmida Rashid takes a longer-form, narrative approach to her security coverage. While she […]

Inside the Media Mind of Amy Morris: Living the 24-hour News Cycle

At six years old, with a tape recorder and a couple of Golden Books, Amy “hosted” her very first radio newscast, cultivating an immediate and lasting passion for radio hosting. As the Morning News Anchor on Bloomberg Radio and the Afternoon Show Co-Host for Bloomberg’s program Politics, Policy, Power and Law, Amy spends much of […]

Inside the Media Mind of Sandra Erwin: The Politics of Space

As a career defense reporter, Sandra Erwin focuses on providing forward-thinking information to her readers with a political twist. After being told she had an obvious talent for writing while working at the American Defense Preparedness Association, Sandra went on to become an editor of NDIA’s National Defense Magazine and a Pentagon correspondent for Real […]