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Inside the Media Mind of Stew Magnuson: National Defense Magazine

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, we welcome Stew Magnuson, Editor in Chief of National Defense Magazine. In July the magazine will be celebrating its 100 year anniversary and as you can imagine, the magazine has witnessed a monumental cyber evolution since starting in 1920. 

When he began working at the magazine 15 years ago, the terms “smartphone” and “cloud” weren’t front and center. According to Stew, “in the world of defense, there are so many other worlds,”which means  the learning curve is endless. 

Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about:

  • Stew’s process for keeping up to date with industry knowledge in a complex and evolving environment
  • Inspiration behind his buzzworthy article, “Why I Didn’t Stop by Your Conference Booth” 
  • His interests outside of the magazine, which includes writing novels based on the American West 

For more of Stew Magnuson’s inside scoop, listen below and tweet us  @MediaMindsShow to share your thoughts on the episode!

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