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Inside the Media Mind of Sara Fischer: Keeping up with Media Trends

Sara Fischer, media reporter for Axios, covers a very unique beat and something we haven’t covered on the podcast before. That is the media itself.

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, we discuss some of the challenges Sara faces as a journalist covering media, how technology has evolved and has shaped the media, and her approach to controversial topics.

Sara has been reporting for a number of years now. Prior to her work at Axios, Sara worked at several prominent publications such as The Washington Post, CNN and Politico.

During the episode, Sara provides her unique insight on:

  • How technology impacts the media, particularly when it comes to Facebook and social platforms
  • How Axios takes a different approach from other publications
  • Her take on the biggest headline in 2018

For more of Sara’s unique insight on media trends and the impact of our tech centered society, listen to the full interview below, and tweet us @MediaMindsShow your thoughts on the show and your own perspective on this topic.