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Inside the Media Mind of Paul Gillin: The Future of Technology and Social Media

On the latest episode of Inside the Media Minds, we spoke with Paul Gillin, Enterprise Editor at SiliconANGLE as well as author and independent Social Media Marketing Consultant

Paul has been in the enterprise technology space for more than 38 years and was one of the founding editors of Computerworld and TechTarget. In the 90’s Paul was part of a group of journalists invited to Bill Gates house for briefings, not once but twice. Paul has also been covering social media before “influencers” was a household term, realizing immediately that the proliferation of social media would change the media landscape as we know it.

With such an impressive and extensive background in tech journalism, Paul shared quite a few tidbits of advice and insights. Listen to this episode to hear more on:

  • Advice to marketers, companies and vendors on social media presence. HINT: Be a source of “help.”
  • What makes a SiliconANGLE story and the types of topics Paul likes to cover the most
  • His take on the technologies that will be “supercharged” as a result of the pandemic and the remote workforce

For more of Paul Gillin’s inside scoop, listen below and tweet us @MediaMindsShow to share your thoughts on the episode.