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Inside the Media Mind of Mike Gruss: Cafeteria Chairs, Artificial Intelligence and Government Acquisitions

Mike Gruss PodcastA high school kid with an interest in computers decides to pick up a pen to call out the lack of chairs in his high school cafeteria. And a journalism career is born.

Mike Gruss, Editor at C4ISRNET and the Fifth Domain, joined the team as this week’s guest on W2 Communications’ podcast “Inside the Media Minds.” In the episode, Mike discusses his path to journalism and his current focus areas, including emerging military technologies and government-based cyber news. Some highlights from the episode include:

  • Mike discusses the biggest challenges he faces as a reporter in the federal technology space: grasping high-level concepts, understanding where interest will be focused, and adjusting to the context of the issues his readers are invested in.
  • He names artificial intelligence, unmanned technology and electronic warfare as the top subjects that will continue to capture his attention, as well as the interest of his readers.
  • Mike and Evan discuss the speed of government acquisition, with Mike proposing that the sheer amount of money involved in most federal contracts is going to always make for a gradual, somewhat slow acquisition process.

To hear more of Mike’s opinions and perspectives on the federal/cyber space, listen to the full interview!

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