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Inside the Media Mind of Jennifer DiMascio: Aviation Week

This week on Inside the Media Minds, we welcome Jennifer DiMascio, Managing Editor of Aviation Week. With previous stops at Inside Washington, Defense Daily and Politico, Jen has more than 18 years of experience covering defense and space industry news in Washington, D.C.

To Jen, journalism is the key to opening new worlds, and aviation is “a world unto itself.” She covers everything from fighter jets and intercontinental ballistic missiles, to ground launch cruise missiles and NASA’s transition to incorporating work with the private sector.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about:

  • The new topics Jen is covering at Aviation Week, like hypersonic nuclear weapons
  • How she thinks the 2020 election will affect the defense industry 
  • What Jen is watching around the newest branch of the U.S. military –  the Space Force – its programs and its relationship to the Air Force
  • An overview of the “Check 6 podcast” and its goal to share in-depth analysis on news topics
  • How the pandemic has shifted journalism and the processes at Aviation Week

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