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Inside the Media Mind of Hilary Tuttle: Black Hat Edition

On our final Black Hat special episode of Inside the Media Minds, we meet with Hilary Tuttle, Senior Editor of Risk Management Magazine

With a background in journalism, Hilary stumbled into the realm of cyber risk six years ago and developed a passion ever since. According to her, it’s “a fun rabbit hole to have fallen down.” While Hilary does not cover products or companies, she looks at risk management as a whole and the underlying problems that cybersecurity products address.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear Hilary’s unique and extensive insight on:

  • The evolution of cyber risk over the years, and the shifts that have taken place on the accountability side
  • The best approach to pitching her a story (interesting, engaging and accessible!)
  • Her prediction on 2019’s biggest headline

For more of HIlary Tuttle’s inside scoop into the world of cyber risk management and her week at Black Hat, listen below and tweet us @MediaMindsShow to share your thoughts on the episode. Also, connect with Hilary on Twitter @HilaryKTuttle!

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