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Inside the Media Mind of Dave Bittner: Inside the CyberWire

On our 25th episode of Inside the Media Minds, we are excited to talk with Dave Bittner, Producer and Podcast Host of The CyberWire’s podcast which consists of CyberWire Daily, Hacking Humans, Research Saturday, Special Edition and CyberWire-X, and has recently reached 15 millions downloads globally! 

On this week’s episode, we learn about Dave’s professional journey, how The CyberWire got its start and how it has grown to become extremely successful. Dave shared how his favorite aspect of each podcast is “talking to really smart people about interesting topics” and creating an atmosphere that supports the diversity of thought.

Along with hearing Dave’s insight into the cybersecurity podcast world, we learn about his most memorable interview out of the 1000+ (with an author he’s admired for years!), what he looks for when attending big events such as RSA and Black Hat, and a bit more about their first live show in Orlando. 

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