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Inside the Media Mind of Dan Raywood: Black Hat Edition

On this week’s Black Hat special episode of Inside the Media Minds, we speak with Dan Raywood, contributing editor of Infosecurity Magazine.

Coming up on 20 years in journalism, and specifically covering the IT security space since 2008, Dan has witnessed an incredible amount of evolution in cybersecurity. Dan does his best to stay informed and get ahead of the trends through research, reading and podcasts. When asked what keeps him interested in cybersecurity, he noted that it is quite simply the fact that “security never gets boring.”

Listen below to hear from Dan on:

  • What he recognizes as the most common theme at Black Hat 2019 (his fifth year as a Black Hat attendee) 
  • The topics and themes that interest him most as an editor at Infosecurity Magazine
  • His prediction on what will be the biggest headline of 2019 

For more of Dan Raywood’s inside scoop, listen below and tweet us @MediaMindsShow to share your thoughts on the episode. Also connect with Dan on Twitter @DanRaywood.


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