Five Minutes With … Steve Smallman on Measuring the ROI of Online Video Marketing

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We all know that online video is huge. In fact, it will soon account for 90 percent of all Internet traffic, according to industry projections.

Smallman: “It’s a matter of simply applying existing tools to understand your Web properties as a digital hub for all of this content — a center of the conversation you’re having with your customer.”

So when you invest into this form of content marketing, how do you know whether on not you’re getting results — results that benefit your bottom line? Yes, video boosts the “wow” factor of a marketing strategy. But does it deliver ROI? If so, how do you measure it?

In this “TechConnections: Five Minutes With …” installment, Steve Smallman Jr. of 15Four in Baltimore weighs in on the availability of metrics-tracking that can deliver a wealth of information about the effectiveness of your video program. Partnering with Apple and Google, 15Four provides full-service video content planning and execution – including production, distribution and ROI analysis – for a variety of corporate customers that include PwCMutual of Omaha and Ciena. Listen to our conversation on measuring ROI for video content.

About our guest: Smallman is co-founder/senior partner at 15Four. Previously, he was director at NorthBay Media Arts and executive director at New Song Arts and Media.

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