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Inside the Media Minds of Jacob and Dayton: DCrypted Podcast

Welcome to our first episode of 2020! On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, we meet with Jacob Biesiada and Dayton Williams, co-hosts and creators of DCrypted Cybersecurity Podcast. We first met Jacob and Dayton at the October CYBERTACOS event where they were scoping out the cybersecurity crowd for their next guest. 

The purpose of the DCrypted podcast is to educate the public on cybersecurity issues that impact the average person. Jacob and Dayton do this by interviewing guests from a variety of cybersecurity backgrounds and connecting to the human element of every story.

Listen this week to hear:

  • Topics Jacob and Dayton cover within Cybersecurity, such as the security behind dating apps
  • How they find guests
  • Their plans for the future of DCrypted
  • Thoughts on what is in store this year from a cybersecurity perspective

To hear more from Jacob and Dayton, subscribe to DCrypted! If you are interested in being a guest on their podcast or have a recommended guest in mind, email:

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