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Inside the Media Mind of Jessie Bur, Managing Editor at Nextgov

In this episode of Inside the Media Minds, our host Christine Blake sat down with Jessie Bur, Managing Editor at Nextgov. Jessie joined Nextgov in January 2022, but has been covering the FedTech space for about seven years. Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area with a dad who worked in computer science meant that […]

An Insider’s Perspective on the Federal Fiscal Year End

As I mentioned in a recent blog, timing is everything when making marketing decisions in the public sector. And in the public sector realm, time itself works a bit differently. While privatized businesses and organizations may operate and plan around a traditional 12-month calendar year (January to December), government agencies are held to a Fiscal […]

Developing Captivating Messaging for a Public Sector Audience

Once you find your voice for the public sector’s unique language, it’s time to figure out precisely what to say. Demonstrating a clear understanding of the challenges facing a given agency or organization, where they differentiate themselves in the market and what sets them apart is essential to developing captivating messaging that resonates with the […]

Speaking Public Sector’s Language for Effective Marketing Communications

The unique nature of marketing to public sector agencies and the vendors that support them can be daunting. After all, that audience has its own language, countless acronyms and a calendar all its own. Learning to speak any new language takes time and practice. Taking the time to gain a better understanding of the public […]