The Post-COVID Transformation: How to Score Marketing Wins When B2B Shifts to B2C

We can think of many ways in which COVID has impacted our lives: Our kids have discovered something called “asynchronous learning.” The office water cooler chats have moved to Slack. We’ve figured out how to collaborate via Zoom calls – and how to make quick use of the “mute” button whenever our dogs bark. At […]

Anatomy of a Good Research Project

Conducting original research is a high-value addition to any marketing program. Whether using it to inform your own message, guide decision-making or publish new insights that demonstrate your organization’s thought leadership, current research is always interesting to customers, leadership and the press. Before you delve in, there are a few critical components of a good […]

“What Not to Wear”: The Corporate Video Edition

The moment has arrived: You’re participating in a corporate video interview. Your topic is set. Your talking points are ready to go. And then you realize…you have no idea what to wear. We have you covered! To ensure you look your best in front of the camera, we’ve prepared the following five tips to help […]

Four Classic Content Research Mistakes to Avoid

In prior blogs, I’ve championed the power of strong, supportive research in content. When you back up a client’s insights with substantive survey findings/statistics/analysis, etc., you’re boosting the credibility of the messaging. By combining the client’s expertise with independent, on-point and vetted data or information, you establish an authoritative voice. Without it, you’re simply presenting […]

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Inside the Media Mind of Jessie Bur, Managing Editor at Nextgov

In this episode of Inside the Media Minds, our host Christine Blake sat down with Jessie Bur, Managing Editor at Nextgov. Jessie joined Nextgov in January 2022, but has been covering the FedTech space for about seven years. Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area with a dad who worked in computer science meant that […]

W2 Communications Research Finds More Americans Cyber Aware, but Still Room for Improvement

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Since 2005, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has been promoting October as a dedicated month to reminding us all about the importance of sound cyber practices. At W2 Communications, we live and breathe cybersecurity every day in service to our many clients in this space. But we realize […]

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Inside the Media Mind of Billy Mitchell, Editor-In-Chief of DefenseScoop 

In this exciting episode of Inside the Media Minds, our host Christine Blake was joined by Billy Mitchell, Editor in Chief of the newly launched DefenseScoop.  Billy joined Scoop News Group nine years ago as a DC-based tech writer, “caught the bug” for impactful technology storytelling and has worked his way up to his current […]

An Insider’s Perspective on the Federal Fiscal Year End

As I mentioned in a recent blog, timing is everything when making marketing decisions in the public sector. And in the public sector realm, time itself works a bit differently. While privatized businesses and organizations may operate and plan around a traditional 12-month calendar year (January to December), government agencies are held to a Fiscal […]

Three Key Considerations for Your Next Research Project

Researching your target market is core to any successful B2B marketing and communications program. The only way to break through the pervasive noise is to focus your message on what prospects and customers care about. Nowadays, attention is the most precious commodity. In my years working in the IT sector, I have seen brilliant technologists […]

Developing Captivating Messaging for a Public Sector Audience

Once you find your voice for the public sector’s unique language, it’s time to figure out precisely what to say. Demonstrating a clear understanding of the challenges facing a given agency or organization, where they differentiate themselves in the market and what sets them apart is essential to developing captivating messaging that resonates with the […]