W2 Communications Expands Service Offerings to Include Lead Nurturing and Engagement

One of the biggest challenges our customers face is developing prospect relationships and interest. Even with more and smarter lead-generation and CRM tools than ever before, campaigns still fall short as teams struggle to optimize marketing efforts and maximize their investments. Acquired lists might be unqualified; sales bandwidth for repeat outreach might be tight; and stretched marketing teams are already on to the next thing.

At the same time, we see the roles of PR and marketing steadily evolving. Many companies now integrate historically separate silos―from PR to lead gen and digital marketing―while repurposing, optimizing and aligning their programs.

To help bridge these gaps, we’re stepping up. At W2 Communications, we’ve spent over 16 years offering our clients the best and broadest set of strategic external communication services to support their marketing initiatives. Today, we’re excited to take that a step further by announcing our new Lead Nurturing and Engagement service.

We now blend our deep expertise in audience engagement, rooted in impactful messaging, content, digital marketing and PR, with the latest digital analytics technology to help clients accelerate the full lead nurturing process and drive campaigns that win. It’s a natural progression of our practice that ensures truly integrated lead generation and communication strategy.

Using a proprietary platform designed to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, we employ a data-driven approach that removes all of the guesswork in lead qualification. Our customized visibility portal delivers high value data analytics and real-time insights into digital campaigns and tradeshow-generated lead performance.

This intelligence helps identify which leads are viable and have a true interest in your products and services. It then enables you to allocate skilled sales resources on the highest value opportunities that have been ‘touched’ multiple times by your well-developed message.

What’s more, information in real-time lets you immediately validate positioning, refine persona and audience mapping, effectively shape messaging, and learn from comparative campaign metrics.

Special Offer for RSA!

The launch of this new service coincides with RSA 2020, one of the biggest lead-generation events of the year for many of the companies we serve. We’re offering a promotional opportunity to existing and qualified new clients―a one-time RSA lead validation and assessment, at a nominal cost.

Anyone who knows RSA knows the challenge of navigating 40,000+ attendees and qualifying the huge number of people that pass through the average booth. Many hit the show floor just for the free stuff.

Simply share the database of leads generated from your RSA show booth with us, and we’ll create a series of campaigns designed to quickly assess and analyze the quality of these leads.

Our post-show analytics will illustrate specific lead value so you can quickly deliver the best leads to your sales team. These insights will also enable you to assess the effectiveness of your RSA revenue-to-expense ratio, determine the value of your investment, and inform future tradeshow investment decision-making.

Check out the full details on our lead nurturing and engagement services. And, if we can help you with your RSA lead qualification, please reach out to your W2 account team or contact us.

Want to break through the noise and maximize your RSA investment?

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