Communicating COVID-19: How Messaging Can Help Influence End User Behavior

I recently traveled to the National Communication Association’s annual conference to present findings from research into how presenting COVID-19 vaccine information to people of different socioeconomic statuses and races using different message frames may impact their intention to vaccinate.  This research was part of my graduate school work at George Mason University, where I specialized […]

Research Can Ensure Your Message Resonates

Is your unique market value clear and relevant? Is your message being heard – and understood – to drive the results you and your stakeholders need? A compelling story is at the heart of customer engagement. Content that reflects key customer concerns in the context of broader industry narratives will educate your audience, establish credibility […]

Five Minutes With … Wayne Schepens on Bringing IT to Market

Without an effective “go to market” strategy, an IT product/services idea is simply, well, an idea. Instead, tech companies must assemble a plan that will carefully examine the competitive field, establish differentiation, finetune messaging, pinpoint targeted customers and reach out to analysts, among other requirements. As a vice president with W2 Communications, Wayne Schepens oversees […]