Five Minutes With … Wayne Schepens on Bringing IT to Market

Wayne Schepens

Without an effective “go to market” strategy, an IT product/services idea is simply, well, an idea.

Instead, tech companies must assemble a plan that will carefully examine the competitive field, establish differentiation, finetune messaging, pinpoint targeted customers and reach out to analysts, among other requirements. As a vice president with W2 Communications, Wayne Schepens oversees new business development. Specifically, he heads up the firm’s “go to market” services for tech-industry clients. To find out what Schepens is doing to help these companies, listen to our conversation on bringing products and services to market.

About our guest: Wayne Schepen is a vice president with W2 Communications. With more than 16 years of technical and government experience, he has expertly advised companies through all phases of business — from fund raising/start-up to product launch to strategic acquisition. Previously, he served as Chief of the Office of Global Network Awareness within the Threat Operations Center for the National Security Agency.

This interview was hosted by Dennis McCafferty, Director of Content for W2 Communications,high tech PR agency. Find out more about our full service communications offerings. Subscribe to our “Tech Connections: Five Minutes With …” series on iTunes.