How Tech Companies Achieve Their Content Goals

The 2022 “Technology Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is packed with revealing findings about the content goals of tech companies. For more than a decade, W2 Communications has committed to delivering the best content services for our high-tech clients, so the report arrives as “must read” material […]

Show – Don’t Tell – To Make Your Content Marketing Come to Life

Countless experts say that target audiences are looking for good storytelling in content marketing. Fortunately, most marketing professionals acknowledge this now by using creativity and craft to drive toward a unique and valuable connection to their intended customers. Yet, do they come up with stories with “show” details related to plot lines, pain points and […]

Content Marketing Best Practices: Capturing Our Clients’ Voices

In content marketing, it’s an important but little-discussed topic: When collaborating on an article with a client, how do we capture their voice? After all, when we work with a client, we usually work on more than just articles with them. We represent them across all public appearances, including interviews, podcasts, webinars and speaking engagements. […]

Better Understanding Visit Duration and Conversion Rate

More than nine out of 10 marketers and businesses see content as a valuable business asset with 56 percent of businesses planning to spend more on content creation in the immediate future, according to 2020 survey by Siege Media. The inherent value of creating content is well understood, but many organizations still struggle to fully […]

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It’s Planning Time Again

In addition to the annual holiday craziness, December is the time when companies are developing their communications plans for the coming year. At our company, this process is already well under way. It’s no secret that big end-of-year plans can be sidelined by mid-January in favor of a breaking priority or immediate initiative. While there’s […]

Kathy Stershic, W2 Communications

Employee Feature Friday – Kathy Stershic

As a senior director of content at W2 Communications, Kathy Stershic brings more than two decades of experience working in IT research and communications. Kathy is known for her ability to bring focus and alignment to complex environments including working with many IT companies in various stages of growth, from industry giants like Cisco and […]

How to Avoid Drowning in a Sea of Jargon

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) A funny thing happened on the way to writing a recently published thought piece about jargon overload: I concluded that industry buzzwords actually serve a necessary purpose. As the resident ex-journalist guy here, my natural inclination is to bury such terminology, not to praise it. Yet, […]

6 Key Qualities of a Content Marketing Firm

(This is Part II of a two-part blog on the increasing value of content marketing. If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) In my most recent blog, I weighed in on recent findings from the Content Marketing Institute that validate the rise in demand for content among companies. Clearly, businesses are seeking out […]

Content Emerges as “Mission Critical”

(This is Part I of a two-part blog on the increasing value of content marketing for brand campaigns. If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) Got content? Apparently, it’s in big demand among companies in the B2B space that our high tech PR agency specializes in. And even if these organizations already have content […]

Why Ex-Journalists Excel at Brand Content

(If you like this blog, please share it. Thanks!) In January, the highly regarded Content Marketing Institute forecasted that the rise of once-traditional journalists working on the brand side would emerge as one of the three most-critical content marketing trends of the year. Yet, not all traditional journalists are cut out to make such a […]