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Inside the Media Minds Recognized with PR Daily Award

We are excited to announce that W2 Communications’ award-winning podcast, Inside the Media Minds recently received a 2019 PR Daily Award! Our Honorable Mention selection demonstrates the podcast’s influence in the field and its position as a unique resource for those in the PR industry. 

The Ragan and PR Daily Award programs celebrate the most successful campaigns, initiatives and teams in the communication, PR and marketing industries, and its winners are the digital natives and masters of the online realm. Today, when it’s harder than ever to attract attention in the crowded digital landscape, the honorees are the organizations and industries that stand out—in a big way.

When we created Inside the Media Minds, we set out to deliver a podcast that goes “behind the scenes” in the world of media. As a media consumer, when you read articles, watch TV broadcasts or listen to the radio, do you ever wonder what it takes to cover the story? How journalists master an industry or topic? How they find resources? Our podcast answers these questions, and this award proves that we are fulfilling our mission to be a prime resource for those needing additional insight into the minds of the media. 

Inside the Media Minds is the perfect tool for communicators, PR professionals, technologists and marketers to use to learn about publications, reporters and industry trends. We pride ourselves in hosting a diverse set of media professionals who can share unique perspectives on the trends and industries they cover. Over the past 25 episodes, we have interviewed reporters from top-tier publications in the government, technology, security, space/satellite and defense industries.  

We’re proud of the accomplishments of Inside the Media Minds to date and excited for our next episodes. If you’ve missed an episode, check them out

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