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Inside the Media Minds of Government Executive’s Troy Schneider and James Hanson

This week on Inside the Media Minds, our host Christine Blake, spoke with Troy Schneider, General Manager for Government Executive Brands, and James Hanson, Group Publisher, Federal and Technology, at Government Executive. 

During the conversation, James shares his pursuit of broadcast journalism and dreams of working for ESPN before finding himself in defense journalism, then PR and eventually making his way to Government Executive. Troy also describes his background studying journalism, his first job with National Media, heading to the non-profit space, and then transitioning to his work with Government Executive. 

Listen to the full podcast for insights into Government Executive, the ever-evolving government technology space, how vendors should differentiate themselves in an increasingly noisy market, and more informative conversation including: 

  • James and Troy’s Backgrounds
  • Government Executive’s Differentiator 
  • The Logistics of Inter-publication Communication
  • What’s Happening with Government Technology 
  • Differentiating Vendor Services 
  • Looking Back at 2021 Stories
  • What’s on the Horizon for 2022
  • Troy’s “Dad Band” and James’ love of Yellowstone 


0:50 – Overview of Backgrounds

4:15 – What Makes Government Executive Different

8:32 – How Publications Determine Coverage Areas

11:35 – The Evolution of Government Technology

17:16 – Advice to Vendors

22:09 – Largest Stories of 2021

26:55 – Looking to 2022

29:12 – How Troy and James Spend Time Outside Work