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Inside the Media Mind of Vera Bergengruen, Washington Correspondent for TIME Magazine

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, our host Christine Blake speaks with Vera Bergengruen, Washington Correspondent for TIME Magazine.

Vera shares her wide background in journalism – from working in cities like Miami and Washington, D.C, to covering different beats for newspapers and magazines. Vera also discusses what she does now for TIME, including how she chooses her stories, tailors articles to her audiences and collects resources that will best inform her readers. 

For the past few years, Vera primarily focused on the topic of disinformation and hopes her stories continue to add new perspectives where previous information was lacking. She is optimistic that people will take the lessons they learned from the pandemic, such as digital awareness, and apply those lessons to their information seeking for years to come.

Listen to the full conversation to hear more from Vera, including:

  • Why journalism was always a dream job 
  • How to be a “stand-in” between readers and complex topics
  • Vera’s “chaotic beat”: from elections and tech to national security and the pandemic 
  • The benefits of “generous” resources 
  • How to make international stories resonate with American audiences
  • Vera’s love of international cuisines


0:22 – Vera’s background in journalism and travel

2:27 – What Vera does now for TIME

3:21 – How Vera chooses her stories

5:28 – Making complex information understandable for readers

6:40 – How Vera defines her audience and tailors her writing to that audience

10:00 – Most memorable stories from the past year

12:10 – Types of feedback Vera receives on her stories

13:45 – What Vera looks for in her resources

15:43 – How to make international trends resonate with American audiences

18:08 – Vera’s favorite story of 2021 and trends on the horizon in 2022

20:16 – Vera’s interests outside of work and reporting