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Inside the Media Mind of Nicole Blake Johnson: Managing Editor at GovLoop

On this latest episode our host Christine Blake chatted with Nicole Blake Johnson, Managing Editor at GovLoop, the knowledge network for government. 

Nicole always wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon, that is….until she saw a full knee replacement. It was then she decided to pursue her love of telling stories and become a journalist. She started at GovLoop six years ago as a staff writer and has since worked her way up to Managing Editor. 

As Managing Editor, Nicole oversees a talented team of reporters with the goal of telling stories at the intersection of technology and management in government. She sees her job as the “vision setter” and the “remover of red tape” so that her team can tell impactful stories.

On this episode, Nicole discusses the more than 300,000 people that make up the GovLoop community, from analysts and government officials, to nurses and librarians. She loves the community and the connection that GovLoop is able to foster.

Listen to the full podcast to hear from Nicole on all of this and more, including: 

  • How You Can Join the GovLoop Community
  • Her Role as Managing Editor at GovLoop
  • Her Most Memorable Story
  • The Importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Her Project on the Topic
  • Nicole’s Career Path
  • What Constitutes News in a Flooded News Cycle 

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0:53 – Nicole and GovLoop’s Background

3:21 – How to Join the GovLoop Network

6:39 – Nicole’s Role at GovLoop

8:40 – Nicole’s Most Memorable Story

11:29 – Details on the GovLoop Contributor Network

15:46 – Usefulness of GovLoop 

16:15 – How Nicole Became a Journalist

20:48 – How COVID Affected GovLoop

23:00 – GovLoop Reader Backgrounds

24:37 – What Constitutes News

27:19 – Nicole’s Social Media Use