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Inside the Media Mind of Kelley Damore: Chief Content Officer at TechTarget

This week on Inside the Media Minds we talk to Kelley Damore, Chief Content Officer at TechTarget, a global technology publication with 140 + technology focused websites aimed to help tech vendors reach buyers actively researching relevant IT products and services.

Kelley started her career in technology right out of college 32 years ago at PCWeek, now known as eWeek. She has served as an editor-in-chief overseeing the publication of various online and print outlets throughout her career. Now as the Chief Content Officer at TechTarget, Kelley manages a staff of 120 editors and oversees the content strategy for the entire organization. 

Kelley is dedicated to the big picture, ensuring content is resonating with the audiences and aligning with strategic publication goals.

Learn more about Kelley and the role of a Chief Content Officer by tuning into this week’s episode as we explore:

  • Creating meaningful content based on data analytics
  • Driving the content journey based on core concepts 
  • Crafting a TechTarget story (Hint: Target the IT professional) 
  • Differentiating your company and technology

For more information on who to reach out to at TechTarget check out the pitching guide from Kelley here.


0:22 – Kelley’s Career Background and Role

3:32 – Making Content Resonant 

5:33 – Print vs. Digital ROI 

6:40 – TechTarget Initiatives & BrightTalk

9:11 – Making a Good TechTarget Story

11:20 – Security Topics That Drive Consistent Traffic

13:27 – How Companies Should Differentiate

18:47 – The Pandemic’s Effect on TechTarget Content

22:08 – Biggest Trends for 2021

24:37 – Kelley’s Interest in International Development

25:40 – Help with TechTarget Pitching