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Inside the Media Mind of Heather Kuldell: Nurturing the Digital Connection

For our latest episode we chatted with Heather Kuldell, Managing Editor of Nextgov, an all-day information resource for federal technology decision makers. 

Heather started her career in journalism in Atlanta covering arts and entertainment, but upon moving back home to the DC Metro area she pursued her long time interest in technology by joining 1105 Media as a copyeditor. 

She jumped right into her new career focus and began living and breathing federal technology material, talking with experts and learning the inner workings of a newsroom. Today, as a self proclaimed “task masker” on the editorial side of the newsroom, Heather assigns stories, manages content, helps run Nextgov’s podcast, hosts virtual events and more!

Heather also talked to us about what it’s like to be the gatekeeper of contributed content at NextGov and what she looks for in a pitch. The key? Know the audience and meet the needs of Federal contractors and agencies. 

Tune into the full podcast to hear Heather discuss all this and more, including: 

  • The importance of nurturing digital connection 
  • Returning to work storylines: are people interested? 
  • The change of administration and the news cycle
  • How to differentiate yourself as a company 
  • IT modernization 
  • Unplugging via hiking and biking! 


0:31- Heather’s career beginnings

1:40 – How Heather got into Federal technology

2:32 – Heather’s role in an editorial position 

3:47 – The ongoing evolution of Nextgov 

4:48 – What Heather looks for in contributed content pitches 

6:20 – How many pitches she receives in a week

7:11 – Heather talks how the pandemic affected the desire for content placement 

7:59 – The pandemic’s effects on readership

8:50 – Return to work? Are people interested?

9:45 – What other topics are of interest? 

11:10 – Key to company differentiation

12:50 – Most memorable story she’s covered (hint: think Star Wars)

14:29 – Nextgov’s use of social media and the 24/7 newscycle

16:52 – The pandemic’s effect on journalism 

18:17 – Are people interested in virtual events?

19:57 – Top storylines for 2021

20:47 – Favorite topics Nextgov covers 

21:37 – Heather’s love of the outdoors!