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Inside the Media Mind of Francis Rose: VP of Multimedia Content & Host of the Daily Scoop Podcast at Scoop News Group

On this episode of Inside the Media Minds, our host Christine Blake chatted with Francis Rose, VP of  Multimedia Content and Host of the Daily Scoop Podcast at Scoop News Group.

Francis discusses his time at Government Matters, the past two months hosting the Daily Scoop Podcast and how he identifies most with the title of “Talk Show Host.”

As host of the Daily Scoop podcast, Francis primarily  focuses on acquisition, IT, management and human capital, and how they relate to government and cybersecurity. He loves to speak with the people who know what it’s like to sit in the chair of a government employee and now also have the perspective of working outside the government.

Tune in to the full podcast to dive into Francis’ 15-year career, the importance of not taking yourself too seriously and more, including: 

  • The New Daily Scoop Podcast
  • 2021 Cybersecurity & Government Trends 
  • The Growing Need for Interconnectedness of Government Teams
  • Being a Guest on the Daily Scoop Podcast
  • Francis’ Love of Muscle Cars 


0:40 – Francis’ Background

1:37 – The Daily Scoop Podcast Details

3:30 – Podcast Guest Selection 

5:20 – Changes in the Government Landscape and 2021 Trends

8:53 – Predictions and Key Topics for 2022

12:13 – Most Interesting Topics

14:50 – How To Get On the Daily Scoop Podcast

16:29 – What Led Francis To This Career

20:30 – How This Podcast Differs From Past Jobs

22:28 – Interesting, Fun Fact From Francis

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