What AI-Generated Content Can – and Cannot – Do (for Now)

I realized that artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content had arrived five years ago, when a CBSSports.com bot started writing the same weekly fantasy football recap report that I had been writing for my league since 2008. True, the bot lacked an engaging voice or any semblance of a personality. It had no sense of humor, so […]

Four Classic Content Research Mistakes to Avoid

In prior blogs, I’ve championed the power of strong, supportive research in content. When you back up a client’s insights with substantive survey findings/statistics/analysis, etc., you’re boosting the credibility of the messaging. By combining the client’s expertise with independent, on-point and vetted data or information, you establish an authoritative voice. Without it, you’re simply presenting […]

How Tech Companies Achieve Their Content Goals

The 2022 “Technology Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is packed with revealing findings about the content goals of tech companies. For more than a decade, W2 Communications has committed to delivering the best content services for our high-tech clients, so the report arrives as “must read” material […]

How A Customer-Centric Approach to Messaging Will Improve Your SEO

One of the most important success factors in improving your SEO is speaking to your customer’s pain points on their terms, not yours. This is the key difference between marketing yourself from a product-centric perspective (we do this, we do that) versus marketing yourself from a customer-centric perspective (I have this problem, I have that […]

Show – Don’t Tell – To Make Your Content Marketing Come to Life

Countless experts say that target audiences are looking for good storytelling in content marketing. Fortunately, most marketing professionals acknowledge this now by using creativity and craft to drive toward a unique and valuable connection to their intended customers. Yet, do they come up with stories with “show” details related to plot lines, pain points and […]

The Value of Guest Blogging

Blogging has become a content market staple for many businesses as it gives them an opportunity to share their direct expertise and perspective with an audience, while improving SEO. While writing for a company or personal site provides an obvious benefit, brand leaders should explore the idea of guest blogging. This is a type of […]

Content Marketing Best Practices: Capturing Our Clients’ Voices

In content marketing, it’s an important but little-discussed topic: When collaborating on an article with a client, how do we capture their voice? After all, when we work with a client, we usually work on more than just articles with them. We represent them across all public appearances, including interviews, podcasts, webinars and speaking engagements. […]

5 Ways to Make Your Content Come Alive

In an ever-expanding sea of content marketing, it’s challenging to command the attention of your target audience. Research shows that more than 60 percent of B2b decision-makers ignore the content they encounter. At W2 Communications, we recognize that our content marketing must stand out to convey our clients’ messaging successfully. Ultimately, this requires the immediate […]

How to Build Winning, Long-Term Relationships with Content Clients

“We’re breaking up” is a phrase no one wants to hear, whether in love or content marketing. Sadly, those words remain an unfortunate reality, especially in the agency-client relationship. In fact, many of these partnerships last less than two years. Since launching our Content Development services in December 2010, W2 Communications has bucked this trend […]

Best Practices for Developing a Thought Leadership Strategy

We have a saying around W2 Communications that “thought leaders have to have thoughts.” That means relevant thoughts that speak strategically to a need or concern experienced by many people. In my years working in the tech industry, I’ve seen my share of those who think their product or service is so brilliant that just […]