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Bloomberg BNA’s Dan Stoller on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Scandal

“I was shocked…that everybody was so shocked at what these companies are doing.”

“I was shocked…that everybody was so shocked at what these companies are doing.”

Dan Stoller, Senior Legal Editor for Bloomberg BNA’s Privacy & Security Law Report, was this week’s guest on W2 Communications’ “Inside the Media Minds” podcast. During the conversation, we discuss Dan’s background in law and journalism, data privacy and what to look for in the news in the second half of 2018. Highlights from this week’s episode include:

  • Dan breaks down GDPR, explaining the upcoming implementation and predicting how it will affect data privacy.
  • According to Dan, the next trending topic in the industry will be the harmonization of cybersecurity laws all over the world. “All these nation-states we see as adversaries are getting involved in a more digital economy. China, Russia, Iran…privacy is becoming more of a socioeconomic and national security concern,” says Stoller.
  • Dan suggests that it is the media’s responsibility to inform consumers of potential security risks, as well as the best practices to keep themselves safe from cybercrime.

To hear more of Stoller’s perspectives on the hot security topics dominating headlines, listen to the full interview at

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Nick Michael is a Research Coordinator at W2 Communications and a Producer of “Inside the Media Minds”

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