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A New Era for W2 Communications, Infusing Creativity into Everything We Do

W2 Communications Expands Brand Building – Acquires Nationally Recognized Creative Firm

This year, W2 Communications is 15 years old – and a lot has changed in those 15 years. Not in the least is the recent addition of W2 Communications’ digital and creative team and services. I’ll get to that in a little more detail farther down in this post.

These are exciting times in the communications industry. Over the last 15 years, the media landscape has shifted with public relations melding with social, content, digital and creative. There are fewer reporters and even fewer are doing deep dive company or technology stories. The news release, once a cornerstone of any mature communications program, has largely taken a backseat (aside from strategic or financial news) to blogs, social media and other direct communications tools.

Early on, W2 Communications also saw that this shift was driving a need for intelligent, informed content.  Since 2010, our content team has been supporting everything from whitepapers to web copy, collateral and bylines. These team members focus on our clients’ specific markets and deliver content that speaks directly to their target audiences.

In the last 18 months, our evolution hit a rapid pace. We’ve always looked for gaps in services and capabilities that needed filling so we can offer our clients and the industry something they were not getting anywhere else.

We launched CYBERTACOS, a premiere networking event. Our goal was simple – build a sense of community within the cyber industry, bringing together friends, luminaries, reporters and end users who we thought would benefit from meeting and building relationships with each other. Started in Washington, D.C., CYBERTACOS has moved to other cities including Austin and San Francisco – where registration for our RSA event exceeded fire codes and led to having to turn folks away.

This past March, we created the podcast, “Inside the Media Minds.” With our deep roots in media relations, we pride ourselves in knowing the media and building relationships that are beneficial not just for our clients, but for reporters, as well. We look for ways to build on these relationships and share what we know with the industry. Closing in on its 15thepisode, Inside the Media Minds provides an insider’s view of what makes the media tick – what stories get them excited, what turns them off and what they look for in a source.

And, now, we are announcing our most exciting, company-changing development to date…the acquisition of Mesh Omnimedia, a nationally recognized creative firm. While we’ve supported many of our clients’ creative needs in the past, this acquisition transforms W2 Communications from a leading public relations and content creation firm, into a full-service communications and branding organization. Our offerings now include a full portfolio of creative design and digital marketing services, including video production, SEO and website development. Our new Chief Creative Officer and his team will integrate these services into our existing capabilities, taking our offerings to all new levels.

These new services significantly benefit our existing clients, while opening us up to new markets, clients and opportunities. They also allow us to further amplify our customers’ brands, providing them with creative communications programs that drive engagement and inspire action by connecting across all channels, platforms and media.

Personally, I’ve always felt your message should be informed by all of your external influences – and your communications/PR team is in the ideal position to create messaging that speaks to audiences, motivates buyers and drives market leadership.In short, our external view adds the context and perspective needed to credibly build a communications program. That’s never been more true than in today’s communications landscape.  Our new capabilities and activities bring that same level of insight, providing a new way of creatively communicating to and for all of our clients.