Why isn’t the Media Covering my Company?

Because nobody likes you.

Easy – you’re asking the wrong question.

While there may be a variety of nuances as to why your company’s media relations program isn’t delivering the results you’re looking for, one core tenant to consider is that you probably have the wrong perspective. Instead of putting the onus on reporters and editors, you should be reflecting on your own company and ask:

“Am I doing enough to be a reliable, useful, unique and knowledgeable resource for the media and my industry?”

There are many executives that will look at their business and think they have the differentiators necessary to gain media attention – innovative technology or products, insightful thought leaders, a great culture. However, the fact remains that your company isn’t the only one that thinks this way. So, what EVIDENCE do you have that proves that your assets are unique compared to any other company that touts the same.

For instance, every business thinks their technology or product is innovative—but do you have a customer that is willing to advocate for it publicly with a unique case study that is relatable to a larger audience? Is that product able to collect distinctive insights and data that sheds light on an emerging issue that hasn’t been explored in the media before?

You may have incredibly talented members of your team, but are they parroting points that have already been made in the past? OR, are they leveraging their experience to offer insightful opinions that are unlike or contrary to others in the market? Are they revealing unique research that sheds light on emerging trends that could affect a variety of people or organizations?

Every time news breaks, Twitter is full of posts from frustrated reporters that are bombarded by emails offering hollow comments that don’t add value to the news of the day. How are your company and your SMEs setting themselves apart?

Ultimately, as you think about taking your media program to the next level, your company has to look in the mirror and evaluate how it is being perceived externally. Only then can you better evaluate what needs to change and what you can deliver to improve your results.