What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

As we kick-off 2023, we have a lot to look forward to. Over the course of a year, we’re constantly striving to be the best integrated marketing professionals we can be. But, it’s good to set goals for ourselves. 

Here are  some of the W2 Communications team’s New Year’s resolutions:

Dennis McCafferty, W2 Communications

To help at least one client develop an industry phrase that emerges as ubiquitous as, say, “zero trust.”

– Dennis

In 2023, I want to hone my managerial skills. Over the year I’ve learned a lot of lessons on how to become a better leader and the importance of putting others first. Now is the time to live up to that goal!

– Isabelle

This year I stepped into a whole new industry and learned endless things about cybersecurity and PR as a whole. I feel as though I’ve really strengthened my skills as a communicator, and my goal for the next year is to continue to build on the foundation that I’ve set for myself and take ownership of more opportunities and grow my confidence!

– Alyssa

stephen mackey chief creative officer

To push the boundaries of my creative stylings by discovering and exploring new artists, new media, new trends and new design tools. Sometimes as creatives we get too comfortable, too locked into “our style” and those limits need to be challenged and disrupted regularly. Inspiration can come from anywhere, this time of year it’s a great time to go looking around in new places!


In 2023, I want to expand my digital marketing skill set. While I’m confident in my viewpoints on social, I know that social is not the whole picture. I want to challenge myself by going outside of my comfort zone and become a more diverse digital marketer expanding into the paid digital arena, along with testing how we can maximize brand awareness and conversion outside of my traditional scope of “social selling”.

– Ashley

Christy Pittman, W2 Communications

To continue expanding my understanding of the integrated marketing landscape and applying it with our clients. There are so many exciting things to learn and so many opportunities available!

– Christy

In 2023, I want to participate in more industry networking opportunities including local PRSA meetings and key cybersecurity trade shows to stay ahead of new developments in the security space and to continue to build strong media relationships for W2 Communications and our clients.

– Amy

In 2023 I want to further hone my project management skills, helping our clients build integrated marketing strategies that bring together PR, digital marketing, content and design.

– Jessica

In 2023, I want to expand my knowledge and skill set of design techniques as well as push myself to think outside of the box and creatively at all times!

– Marissa

In 2023 I want to play a part in expanding our client base and uncovering new business opportunities. Additionally, I want to continue to grow our W2 Communications brand – specifically through CYBERTACOS events in new cities!

– Carrie

My resolution for 2023 is to continue honing my skills as a communicator and to take ownership of new opportunities!

– Luca

Throughout this year, I’m looking forward to expanding my written content development and editing skills to provide clients meaningful thought leadership commentary and feedback. Additionally, I want to challenge the creative side of myself by strengthening W2 Communications’ brand and visibility through an event and social media perspective.

– Andrea

In the new year, I want to gain a deeper understanding of how to develop successful media campaigns from start to finish, which will involve putting my own thoughts/strategies into action and practicing my project management skills.

– Madison

My resolution for 2023 is to continue to build my communication skills and broaden my knowledge around public relations and campaign development.

– Alex

My 2023 resolution is to really focus on the strategic side of accounts and continue to grow my media relations skills. I would also like to continue to build the internship program at W2 Communications and grow our employee engagement through new programming. Additionally, I want to start challenging myself to look at things from new perspectives and start to say “yes and…”

– Erica

Christine Blake, W2 Communications

In 2023 I want to focus on creative solutions to problem solving – thinking out of the box and stretching my mind to go beyond traditional approaches to PR and media relations. I also want to continue to grow the Inside the Media Minds podcast brand. We have so many amazing guests, insightful episodes and content to share, and I want to be sure it gets in front of the right audiences.

– Christine

Jason C. Werden

In 2023 we will continue to build out our Public Sector clientele and expand the reach of the practice.

– Jason

In 2023 our goal is to go above and beyond in creativity and push our limits to new heights!

– Devon