What AI-Generated Content Can – and Cannot – Do (for Now)

I realized that artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content had arrived five years ago, when a CBSSports.com bot started writing the same weekly fantasy football recap report that I had been writing for my league since 2008. True, the bot lacked an engaging voice or any semblance of a personality. It had no sense of humor, so […]

Adding Your Voice to the AI Conversation

As if there was any doubt, 2023 will go down as the year Artificial Intelligence (AI) went mainstream. Virtually every consumer and every business is researching and discussing the opportunities and pitfalls. Ironically, we launched our first pure AI client about five years ago and worked with companies that were using AI and machine learning […]

AI public relations

Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations — Opportunities and Obstacles

The debate raging among PR, corporate communications and marketing professionals mirrors the months’ long discourse taking place across just about every aspect of business – how will Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact the future of public relations, our job responsibilities, livelihoods and roles within our organizations?  For many, the answer is nowhere near clear cut – […]

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Debating the Government’s Role in Artificial Intelligence Innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to transform life as we know it. From healthcare delivery and transportation to marketing, customer service, and a plethora of other applications, AI will have a profound impact on society, particularly on the workforce. Today’s AI capabilities are at the level of codifying common skills, but eventually what’s being called […]