Sci-Fi Bracketology: Top Star Wars Characters

When it comes to favorite Star Wars characters, we prefer the "classics."
When it comes to favorite Star Wars characters, we prefer the “classics.”

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Like the wealth of offices out there, W2 Communications has a pretty hot NCAA Tourney March Madness bracket-picks pool going on right now. (Thanks to a last-second three pointer for Ohio State, Vice President Jayna Kliner leads our competition. She has Ohio State winning it all.)

But, given that we’re a high tech PR firm, many of us here are self-confessed sci-fi geeks, especially when it comes to the Star Wars series. So we were psyched to see the recent posting of the official “This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament” bracket at Appropriately enough, it’s divided in two: A “light side” with characters such as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo, and then a “dark side,” headed up (obviously) by Darth Vader. (Were you expecting Jabba the Hutt?)

Anyway, the bracket face-offs will extend through April 9 (and feel free to make your daily picks here.) At our agency, however, we like to get out ahead of the news. So here’s our staff “Final Four” picks for the top overall selections for the all-time best Star Wars character. It’s clear that we dig “classic” icons here with some swagger:

Champion: Han Solo (5 votes)

Second (tie): Yoda (2), Darth Maul (2)

Third (tie): Count Dooku (1), Chewbacca (1) and Darth Vader (1)